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glass wool-wise choice for insulation

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Product description of glass wool

The glass wool is a silk-like material made by fiberizing melted glass and then coating with thermosetting resin through centrifugal blowing process. By means of thermal setting, this material can be further process into series of products for multi-purpose uses, such as glass wool board, blanket, fiber glass air-conditioning duct and so on.

Main technical Data of glass wool


Item Unit     Indicators   Measured value Standard
Density kg/m3 10-96 10-96 GB/T 13350-2000
The average demension of fiber μm <8.0 4.0-6.0 GB/T 13350-2000
Hydrophobic rate % >98 >98.5 JISA9512-2000
Thermal Conductivity W/m·k 0.049-0.042 0.045-0.032 GB/T 13350-2000
Incombustible   Incombustible ClassA GB/T 13350-2000
NRC      1.03 GB/J47-83
Maximum operating temperature 400   GB/T 13350-2000


Common specification of glass wool

Density(kg/m3) Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
24-96 600 600/1200 20-100
12,16,20,24,32,40,48 1200 11000-20000 25-150


Application of glass wool

Mainly usage: Industrial plants, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, cold                               storage, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports grounds

Main function: Energy-saving insulation, noise control, improve indoor air quality

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Production of glass wool

glass wool production.jpg

Packing and shipping of glass wool

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