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Difference between glass wool and rock wool

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In a word, wool from glass is glass wool, wool from rock is rock wool.

Difference between glass wool and rock wool


The color of glass wool is bright yellow, and rock wool is dark.

difference between glass wool and rock wool_副本

2.Density and thickness

Because of the difference of the raw materials, rock wool has a bigger density than glass wool. But, glass wool has a wider choice for thickness.

Item Density Thickness
Glass wool 10-50kg/m3 20mm-200mm
Rock wool 50-200kg/m3 30mm-100mm

3.Heat resistance

Because of the difference in density, rock wool has a much better fire-resistance character than glass wool.

Item Temperature
Glass wool 230 - 260 °C
Rock wool 700 - 850 °C


Because of the difference in heat resistance, glass wool is usually used in common buildings, shops and hosipital which do not have special requirement in fire-resistant. For some industry, which has high reuqirement for heat resistance, such as steelmaking boiler, is more suitable for rock wool.

5.Country rules

Accroading to different country rules,  import glass wool is not allowed and to some other countries, rock wool is not allowed. When you plan to import the glass wool or rock wool, please check the related rules carefully.

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