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gypsum board-most widely used for wall panel and ceiling

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What is gypsum board?

gypsum board.jpg

Gypsum plasterboards and special boards are the ultimate lining solution for today's buildings,providing high levels of performance in terms of fire rating,acoustic insulation,thermal insulation,moisture resistance to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for occupant . They offer superior aesthetically inspiring solutions for walls,ceilings,lift shafts,stairwells,and corridors in buildings as diverse as residential,schools,hospitals,offices,cinemas and hotels.

Gypsum board designs:

gypsum board application.jpg

gypsum board specification:

1.Material: Gypsum board

2.Size: 1200x2400mm; 1220x2440mm; 1200x1800; 1220x1830; 1200x3000; 

3.Thickness: 6.4mm,7mm, 8mm, 9mm,9.5mm,12mm,12.5mm,13mm,15mm (depend on the customers' request)

4.Flexural breaking force: 550N

5.Heat insulation:1.14m2k/w.

6.Density:less than 10.05 kg/m2

7.Non-asbestos: 100%non-asbestos

8.Function: regular, fire-proof, water-proof, moisture-proof

9. Needed material when installation: Multipurpose Interior Putty,Jointing Compound,Drywall Screw,Paper Tape,Glass Fiber Mesh. (we also offer these products)


gypsum board Installation:

gypsum board installation.jpg
gypsum board installation.jpg

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