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what is the fire resistant rate of calcium silicate board

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There are many kinds of ceiling materials on the market, and silicon acid plate is a more popular kind of ceiling materials in recent years, because calcium silicate plate has excellent fire performance, so it is loved by everyone, so calcium silicate plate fire grade is how much?

lonrace perforated calcium silicate board

Lonrace calcium silicate plate is a new type of green environmental protection building materials, in addition to the function of traditional gypsum board, more has superior fire performance and moisture resistance to the advantages of long service life. 

lonrace perforated calcium silicate board install

The raw material of calcium silicate board does not contain any volatile substances of mineral fiber, cellulose fiber, silicon, calcium material through pulping, molding, accelerated curing reaction in the high pressure saturated steam, and then through the high pressure suppression into the board, is an ideal decorative board of modern ceiling, partition. 

The refractory rating of the calcium silicate plate is A1 grade (A1, non-combustible material).fire-proof plate. Also known as the refractory plate, is to the silicon, calcium material as the main raw material, and a certain fiber material, and organic and inorganic materials through a specific process made. 

So fire board is also one of calcium silicate panels.widely used in building interior walls, exterior walls, ceiling, roof and ventilation duct. Because the calcium silicate plate is a non-combustible A1 grade material, in case of a fire, the plate will not burn, fire resistance for up to 4 hours, and will not produce any toxic smoke. You can use it at ease. 

Fire prevention calcium silicate plate is a kind of good performance of attractive building and industrial plate, its products light high strength, moisture, sound-proof, moth-proof, good durability meet the requirements of building materials, by optimizing product performance and improve construction measures, system to solve the problem of possible shrinkage crack, water seepage and damp. Expand the market share of calcium silicate board in construction projects and promote industrial development.

lonrace perforated calcium silicate board for wall

The above is lonrace industry co., ltd for you to bring the calcium silicate plate fire rating related knowledge, I believe that you will have more understanding and understanding after reading

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