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ceiling grid-accessories of ceiling tiles

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Product description of ceiling grid

ceiling grid.jpg
The ceiling grid is made of high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel and prepainted galvanized steel,which guarantee the characters of moisture proof,corrosion resistanct and color lasting.The automatic cold roll forming and punching machineries guarantee the high precision.

Common specification of ceiling grid


Specification of MS and BS



Main tee

MS 24 X 38 X 3600

BS 24 X 38 X 3660

MS 24 X 32 3600

BS 24 X 32 3660




cross tee

MS 24 X26 X1200

BS 24 X 26 X1220

MS 24 X 32 X 1200

BS 24 X 32 X 1220


100 PCS/CTN 


Short cross tee

MS24 X 26 X 600

BS24 X 26 X 610

MS24 X 32 X 600

BS24 X 32 X 610






Wall angle

22 X 22 X 3000


          50 PCS/CTN          



Production progress of ceiling grid

ceiling grid production progress.jpg

Packing and storing of ceiling grid

ceiling grid packing.jpg

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