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What are the characteristics of color fiber cement board?

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-28      Origin: Site

   Colored fiber cement board is a high-performance fiber reinforced cement board solidified by high-temperature autoclave. The density of the board is 1.60g/cm3, with excellent and stable performance, light weight, high strength and good weather resistance. It is mainly used for building exterior wall decoration and thermal insulation energy-saving system, and also widely used for interior decoration.

   One color: colored fiber cement board is naturally colored through the crystallization of minerals. The color is inherent, the surface is the same, and the color is rich and diverse, which can meet the requirements of diversified architectural design, such as: fireproof board, Meiyan board.

   Fine texture: the surface texture is fine and delicate, and the texture structure of the internal plant fiber is indistinct, natural, vivid and natural. It will be interesting whether you look up close or far.

   Matte texture: the surface of the color fiber cement board is finely polished, smooth and delicate, showing a matt luster, and naturally showing the modern elegance.

   Self-cleaning function: When the rain or liquid drops on the smooth surface, the fiber cement board will form water droplets, which will quickly flow away and take away the dust on the building surface, thus keeping the external wall of the building clean for a long time.

   Large size: can be cut into various sizes and shapes at will, easy to process (punching, slotting, carving), strong plasticity, strong expressiveness, can provide architects with free creative space, and give rich expression to the building surface.

   Easy installation: Fiber cement board manufacturers usually use blind rivets to fix the board on the keel framework, which is beneficial to shorten the construction period and reduce labor costs.

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