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How to identify the quality of the glass wool and rock wool

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Many customers are puzzled, when they buy glass wool from China.

Why the quotations received are really different. Some even only half to another.

The reason is different quality decides different price.

Following are some simples ways to identify
 the quality of the glass wool.

Firstly, you can determine the quality by appearence.

1.Measure the size especially for the THICKNESS.

If the thickness not reach your requirement, it means, the manufacture does not use enough raw materials to produce. It leads to the low cost.

2.Check the fiber of glass wool and contents of shot

The fiber of good quality glass wool is long and thin.
The contents of shot should be below 1%.(No visible shot can be 
seen by eyes).
It affects the performance of final products, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and water resistance, etc.
It decides by the quality of raw materials and production line. Small factories usually buy bad quality raw materials and do not have a QC to check the quality when production. It leads to the low cost.
rockwool check 2

3.Evenness of glass wool

High quality of glass wool made by good production lines is smooth and evenly.

4.Color of glass wool

Good quality glass wool has a bright color. 

5.Package of glass wool

For glass wool blanket, it often transported by vacuum bag. It can reduce the volumn obviously. Good packing machine can shrink more, so it can pack more glass wool blanket in a container.  The more quantity a container can contain, the lower the price will be.

Secondly, several simple actions to identify.

1.Compress the glass wool by hands.  Simulate  the pressure when building houses or other uses to test  whether it can afford.

Bad quality glass wool will deform or the surface will unglued.
rockwool check-1

2.Release the hand to see, whether  it can rebound back to what it was.

Good quality glass wool has a good elasticity.

If further or profesional tests are required, following technical date is our index and China standard:

Item Unit Index Standard
Density kg/m⊃3; 10~80 GB/T 5480.3
Average fiber dia μm 5~8 GB/T 5480.4
Water Content % ≤1 GB/T 16400-2003
Grade of combustibility
Non-combustible Grade A GB 8624-1997
Reshrinking temp 250~400 GB/T 11835-2007
Thermal conductility w/m·k 0.034~0.06 GB/T 10294
Hydrophobicity % ≥98 GB/T 10299
Moisture rate % ≤5 GB/T 5480.7
Sound absorption coefficent
1.03 product reverberation method
24kg/m⊃3; 2000HZ
Slag inclusion content % ≤0.3 GB/T 5480.5

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