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1. Assemble the gabion panels and cut to size.
2. Tie wire the staggered pieces together for extra support.
3. Put together the gabion basket, using the wired panels.
4. Wrap galvanized wire around the seams of the basket.
5. As you fill the basket with stones, use interior support wires to keep sides from bulging. Place the flat-sided stones face out.
6. Dress the top of the wall, placing flat-sided stones face up

Materials preparation

First step before installation
1.concrete remesh (galvanized wire is recommended for wet or salty climates)
2.bolt cutters
3.galvanized wire
4.tie-wire (thin gauge)
5.rock (4-5 inches in size or larger)

Wire basket construction

Start by cutting your remesh bottoms and sides into the lengths and widths for the wall desired. You’ll have five sections total. Next, cut four more pieces for the sides and ends but at one square less in length and width. This is to enable you to stagger the pieces so that you’ll have smaller squares in which to hold the stone better. Once the pieces are laid together in staggered fashion, tie-wire them together so they are secure and won’t slide. After all the staggered pieces are attached to the main sides, tilt them upright and connect them to form a rectangle “basket.” Use galvanized wire to weave the corners together. Once finished, you will have the completed basket ready to be filled with stone.

Filling the basket

As you fill the basket, you can place the stones in any fashion you like so long as the outer stones have the flat sides facing outwards. This gives a nicer look and keeps the basket from deforming. As you fill the basket with stones you’ll need to add galvanized wire cross-braces every two feet of the length of the basket and at every foot in height of the basket. This is necessary to keep the sides from bulging outwards. For example, if the basket is 10 feet long and three feet in height, you’ll need five cross-braces for the first foot in elevation, then another five for the second foot in elevation, and so on.

Finishing the top

Last step
For this style of basket, you won’t have any wire on the top so it’ll be up to you how much time you want to spend arranging the stones. But for a nicer look you can organize them so that they lay evenly with the flat sides facing up. Once this is complete, the wall is done and ready to enjoy
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